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Bosuki Old Style Izakaya

Andrew Hasegawa Osaka Travel

Bosuki Old Style Izakaya

Tucked away in the back streets of Namba not far from Ebusubashi and Hozenji is Bokusui, a Japanese style restaurant that serves a broad selection of quality Japanese food at a reasonable price. Bokusui captures a bit of the old world in that its interior is made of dark timbers and decorated with interesting folk art. It has been one of my favourite places to eat for the better part of 30 years. Amongst the dishes I suggest for first timers is "goshiki" salad, "gyusuji doteyaki" made from the sinew of beef, boiled for hours and flavoured with miso, it is a local delicacy and the eggplant "nasugyooza". It now has an a web page @  and an English menu. Specials are on the blackboard, sorry Japanese only. 


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