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HIBI 10 Minute Incense Christmas Collection

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HIBI 10 Minute Incense Christmas Collection

HIBI 10 minute incense Christmas edition allows you to enjoy three fragrances. It looks like a match but is in fact a stick of incense. It burns for 10 minutes and the fragrance will linger on for many hours after. The Christmas collection brings to you 3 fragrances lavender, ylang ylang and yuzu. The collection comes with its own burning tray.

Yuzu : A refreshing citrus aroma diffusing crisp fragrances under the wintry sky.
Ideal for warming and relaxing the mind and body numb with cold.

Ylang Ylang : a fragrant floral fragrance form the tropics that will bring a sensual sweetness to you.

Lavender : An Elegant floral fragrance. For the times when you want to soothe your mind or in the moments before going to sleep.

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