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SOIL by Isurugi

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SOIL by Isurugi

During my most recent trip to Japan I has the good fortune to visit Isurugi, a Kanazawa bases company that specialises in traditional plastering using a natural material made from "keisodo", or diatomaceous earth. Keisodo is earth made from plankton millions of years ago. Its special feature is that it breathes and absorbs moisture making it an ideal material for use in construction. Keisodo has used in the construction of castles, tea houses and temples for more than a thousand years. Six years ago Isurugi teamed up with Tokyo based design company H-Concept and designed household products made from keisodo. The best seller in Japan is the bathmat that absorbs water as a result of keisodo's special qualities. In a few months time Zakka Japan will bring the bathmats to Australia along with other products. Stay tuned.

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