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Memories of the Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Japan

Andrew Hasegawa Travel

Memories of the Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Japan

Once a month, usually on a Saturday, I'd head to Tsukiji, the worlds largest fish market to stock my refrigerator often in preparation for a BBQ with friends. Sadly, the market will leave its current site later this year for a new one further away from the centre of the city. The market consists of an inner and outer section, the "inner" being a wholesale market for professionals and the outer for the general public. In the outer market you can buy not just fish but also meat, vegetables and an array of condiments and cooking utensils at bargain basement prices. It took me many years to work up the courage to go into the inner market and buy fresh fish but once the barrier was crossed I went on a regular basis. To my surprise the vendors were receptive to a Japanese speaking foreigner. 

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