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Fukuki Sushi Osaka

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Fukuki Sushi Osaka

Are you looking for the quintessential sushi experience? Try Fukukizushi in Osaka. The restaurant dates from arounnd the 1930s and has branches in select locations including the 7th F of the department store Takashimaya in Namba. The "honten" or main store near Nihonbashi station offers you a front row seat in a sushi making performance that is part art part theatre. Let me be clear it is expensive. If you order "otoro" and other expensive items expect to pay top dollar. The father/son show and supporting cast produce some of the best sushi in Osaka if not Japan. It compares well with the best in Tokyo and is much cheaper. There are no prices quoted as they vary depending on market price. Try the "tako" (octopus) that is so tender or the "hikarimono", literally glistening fish that include sardine and other so called blue fish that have been delicately marinated or the anago, sea eel. Most of the sushi does not require soy sauce though it is there if you want. 

phone: 06-6632-0865



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