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Silicone: What's That?

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Silicone: What's That?

Silicone products have been around for a while and in recent years utensils for use in the kitchen have become more common though there still seems to be some skepticism amongst consumers. First lets be clear silicone is not a plastic that is made from petrochemicals. Silicone is a compound derived from a chemical process that utilizes silica as its key component. There are different grades of silicone for use in different applications and for example the products sold by Zakka Japan like the VIV silicone steamers and bottles use high grade silicone manufactured in Japan that has passed stringent tests to ensure it is safe for consumers. The key qualities of the products produced from silicone are they are light, durable, easy to wash, long lasting and heat resistant. The material is not unlike rubber. @ you can find silicone bottles, steamers and mats

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