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Mt Koya, Wakayama, Osaka

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Mt Koya, Wakayama, Osaka

Mt Koya, a buddhist village dating from the 9th century located in the mountains of Wakayama south of Osaka. On a hot humid day in late summer Mt Koya offers relief from the heat and an amazing insight into a village devoted to Buddhism that functions to this day. It is accessible from Osaka on the Nankai line and takes about 90 minutes. "Okunoin" houses the tomb of the founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, Kukai and is surrounded by a forest of giant cedar trees and more than 200,000 graves, representing a who's who of Japanese history. In the village of Mt Koya you can find accomodation, souvenir stores and restaurants. If you take the trouble to visit be sure to try the local vegetarian cuisine that features sesame "gomatofu". My Koya is both tranquil and spiritual and offers a contrast with the hustle and bustle of the big cities of Japan.

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