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Bathmat Light - KONCENT


Bathmat Light


Bathmat light is a revolutionary solution to your needs in the bathroom that offers an eco-friendly alternative to fabric mats. Made from diatomaceous earth, a natural clay-like material formed from fossilised plankton it is porous and will absorb water. 

Diatomaceous Earth, Paper Pulp

With the addition of paper pulp, the Bathmat Light is easy to move around (1.8kg) and is resistant to breaking.

The bathmat quickly absorbs the water and dries out again. 

575 x 425 x 9.5mm


To make sure the bathmat is completely dry, especially during winter, simply lay the bathmat against the wall under the shade when you feel it's not drying fully (direct sunlight will warp the bathmat). Make sure to keep the bathmat out of puddles of water underneath it around your shower/bath for prolonged periods of time.  If the bathmat has lost its absorption qualities, it has most likely collected dirt on the top layer. Simply buy some sandpaper of around 200~300 grit, and evenly sand the entire surface. Do not use detergent.


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