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Brush Pen by Craft Design Technology

Craft Design Technology

Brush Pen by Craft Design Technology


Synthetic fibers meant for a brush are used on the tip, and these don't just simply have superior abrasion resistant qualities, they have been specially selected and blended to create optimum tip performance with animal hairs, which gives this brush pen the qualities of a proper calligraphy brush and allows for beautiful stroke stops, upward strokes, and brush sweeps. The manufacturer, Kuretake Co., Ltd., boasts over 100 years of history and was first founded in Nara Prefecture as an ink manufacturer. This brush pen, graced with their uncompromising time-tested quality, is a masterpiece culmination of all their efforts, developed through trial and error to approach the quality of a calligraphy brush coupled with an ease of use for the unseasoned user. Blackish green, a traditional color of Japan and CDT's brand color, graces the body, and evokes the impression of an elegant fountain pen. The conveniently stout body and matte-finish silver clip further drive home the usability of this brush pen. This is a Japanese-made product you'll want to add to your collection.



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