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CAOMARU 'Vegetables'


CAOMARU 'Vegetables'


Down on your luck? Feeling the walls close in? Cast your worries aside. The CAOMARU series has been helping people all over the world trade stress for sweet relief with an indescribably soothing signature sensation—just grab one, you won’t let go. And now, the series’ newest edition comes in three lovable vegetables. 

They always nourish your mind and make your every day happy.

Makiko Yoshida

Designer Comment:
Are you laughing every day? Are you crying? Are you feeling well? Are you  busy? Are you doing your best? Are you expressing your feelings correctly? Are you communicating with your loved one?
Cao Maru is your companion who will remind you of all of this and help you relax. 

W61×D63×H53mm (Tomato)
W48×D51×H71mm (Green Pepper)
W45×D43×H104mm (Eggplant)

132g (Tomato)
127g (Green Pepper)
117g (Eggplant)


When the product gets dirty, wash with water and soap. Afterwards, put the product in flour/cornflour/baby powder as it will be sticky to the touch.
The stress balls are quite fragile, so do not pull/put stress on the details such as the nose/mouth, it may tear. Ink and paint can leave marks on the material. Do not leave out in the Sun. 


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