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Coasters Square


Coasters Square


These beautiful coasters are handcrafted and made from a natural material, diatomaceous earth. This clay-like material is formed from plankton over millions of years and has moisture absorbing qualities. In Japan, it has been used as a traditional plastering material for more than a thousand years. These coasters come in 4 colours or an assorted set. Comes with two per pack. 

100 × 100 × 8mm

Diatomaceous Earth

Take Care:
Do not keep the product in water for prolonged periods (water from the condensation of the glass is fine). This will degrade it, and it may break.
When washing the product do it quickly, and dry well.
The product can change colour naturally.
The diatomaceous earth used in this product is food-grade and is safe if consumed.
The bottom of the product is treated with a thin layer of silicone to protect it from water and scratches.

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