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Garden Series  HIBI 10 Minute Incense


Garden Series HIBI 10 Minute Incense


Incense : Hibi 10 minute incense. Light it like a match and enjoy the fragrance that will hang gently in the air. Hibi incense marries the sophisticated scents of Awaji incense with the know how of Kobe Match to create a clever and unique product.


Mimosa: A flower that tells the coming of spring.
To feel happy being wrapped with its gentle sweetness that reminds us of twinkling sunlight.

Japanese Wisteria: Graceful wisteria has been read in tanka poems from old times.
Fragrance of refined elegance with a touch of Japan.

Peony: Peony blooms in full glory like a noble queen.
Fresh and sweet fragrance adds splendid colours to your living space. 

(8 sticks / with exclusive mat)
(Product package size) H57 x W56 x D9(mm)



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