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Drying Egg- Deodorising Egg - KONCENT


Drying Egg- Deodorising/Dessicant Egg


This egg shaped deodoriser and desiccant is made from a combination of charcoal and diatomaceous earth that together can absorb moisture and odours. It works most effectively in a refrigerator with its efficacy increasing with the use of more than one egg. The “egg” can be revitalized by placing in water for 30 minutes and then drying, as a yardstick the process should be complete in a day in summer.   


Diatomaceous Earth, charcoal

Take Care:
Do not keep the product in water for prolonged periods. This will degrade it, and it may break.
After washing the product make sure to dry for at least a day.
The product can change colour naturally.
The diatomaceous earth used in this product is food-grade and is safe if consumed.

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