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A spoon made in the form of a bird that can sit on top of the container stably.  The shape of its tail makes it easy to scoop and spread the jam.  Using it during breakfast or home parties is perfect.

Designer Comment:

Imagine a spoon that is capable of sitting stably on top of the container after spreading the jam on the toast.  A new way to enjoy your meal time with the unique design of a cute bird spoon that is easy to use.

Designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi

Country of Origin: Japan

Size: L157×W24×H27mm

Weight: Approx. 11g

Package Size: W43×D24×H158mm

Weight (including package): Approx.22g

Temperature Limit: +100℃,+212℉

Material: Polypropylene

* Can be used in dishwashers/dryers.


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