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Kaba Coaster - KONCENT


Kaba Coaster


This coaster features a hippo floating at water's edge. Made from a highly absorbent natural material called diatomite, it absorbs moisture from your cup quickly, allowing you to enjoy your drink in comfort while ensuring that your hippo has plenty of water to swim in. Cherish your time with these hippos, which are currently in danger of extinction. 

Ryo Shimura

Designer Comment:
Set your cup down and let it bob gently beside the floating hippo. I've designed a coaster that I hope you'll want to display even when you aren't using it. Hippos are poached for their tusks and meat and are now in danger of extinction. I hope this coaster will help people come to like hippos and take an interest in their plight.



Diatomaceous Earth

Take Care:
Do not keep the product in water for prolonged periods (water from the condensation of the glass is fine). This will degrade it, and it may break.
When washing the product do it quickly, and dry well.
The product can change colour naturally.
The diatomaceous earth used in this product is food-grade and is safe if consumed.
The bottom of the product is treated with a thin layer of silicone to protect it from water and scratches.


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