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Kaba Hippo Crayons - KONCENT


Kaba Hippo Crayons


Colorful crayons shaped like hippopotamuses. These colourful crayons delight children and adults alike. 

Ryo Shimura

Designer Comment:
You can use these hippo crayons to draw, of course, then let the hippos swim and play freely in the world you've created with them. Hippos are poached for their tusks and meat and are now in danger of extinction. I hope these crayons will help people come to like hippos and take an interest in their plight.

W170×L62×H17mm (with package)

12g (per crayon)

Colour pigment, Liquid Paraffin, Calcium Carbonate, Paraffin wax

Take Care:
Please use with supervision for children under six



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