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MICHI KUSA petite vase with kenzan


MICHI KUSA petite vase with kenzan


Pick flowers growing on the side of the road or in a park and place them in this vase. Even flowers that you're familiar with will acquire a whole new look. 

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Designer Comment:
Place a small wild flower into the vase and the beauty of a single flower will be accentuated. Because of its tiny size, this vase will look its best in an easily accessible location that catches the eye.

"MICHI-KUSA" is the Japanese term for flowers on the side of the road, "wild flowers," and "loitering."

This vase was designed with the hopes of providing a relaxing addition to your desk, so you can enjoy a brief pause during your hectic workday.

With MICHI-KUSA you can keep small flowers, large flowers, or even leaves by your side.

Ø67 × H37 mm


Barium glass, Polycarbonate

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