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Tetra Crayon


Tetra Crayon


TETRA is a vase that can be used on its own or combined with other TETRA vases. There are three subtly-coloured versions that can be set in a variety of ways, depending on your mood or the type of flowers you are using.

Designer Comment:

It occurred to me that it was boring to keep using the same old flower vase, even though the flowers in it kept changing. I wanted to make a vase that you could use in different ways, depending on the type of flowers or your mood. When I saw some concrete tetrapods stacked up near my house, it came to me that a similar design would make an interesting vase.

Designed by Sayaka Urabe

Country of Origin: Japan

Size: W58×D51×H48mm

Weight: Approx.30g

Package Size: W65×D55×H110mm

Weight(including package): Approx.37g

Material: Ceramic

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