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Bar 238 Minami Osaka

Andrew Hasegawa Bar Osaka Travel

Bar 238 Minami Osaka

If the walls at Bar 238 could talk they would have a lot to say. Established in August 1948 not a lot has changed over the years in this "retro" Osaka hot spot. The long wooden bar made from "keyaki" is a fine piece of timber that has graced 238 since it was established in the post WW11 ashes of Osaka. You might ask why its called Bar 238. The 23 represents the 23rd year of the reign of the Showa emperor and the 8 August. If you happen to be in Osaka and wish to take in a piece of history over a pre dinner drink I suggest you consider Bar 238 also known as Fumiya. You can find it between the temple Hozenji and Ebisubashi suji in a lane dotted with restaurants. 

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