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Mosquito Coil Case

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Mosquito Coil Case

I am excited that Zakka Japan has just taken delivery of Mosquito Coil Cases made by Isurugi a Kanazawa based company that specialises in traditional plastering that uses diatomaceous earth formed from plankton millions of years ago. You might say so what but before you do ask yourself why castles and temples built hundreds of years ago and still standing use this material in their construction. They use it because it has natural moisture absorbing characteristics that make it ideal in the hot, muggy and very humid Japanese summer. A natural eco-friendly construction material.

The mosquito coil cases are an elegant and thoughtfully designed product made by Isurugi that comes with a storage compartment in the lower half and a stand for burning coils in the the upper section. It will be a useful feature for anyone who enjoys spending time outside during the summer and wants protection from mosquitos. 

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