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Collapsable Silicone Drink Bottles

Andrew Hasegawa Homeware Silicone VIV

Collapsable Silicone Drink Bottles

Collapsible silicone drink bottles are a new product that offers consumers the convenience of being able to fold them up after the contents are consumed. The original version of the bottle won a "Good-Design" award in Japan in 2012. The product is designed in Japan and made from silicone and a mold made there though the actual manufacture is done in China on behalf of the Japanese company. So why would you want a collapsible silicone water bottle? The short answer is convenience, if you are a hiker, sportsman or traveller space in your bag comes at a premium and these bottles take up very little space when not in use. The silicone is strong and easy to wash, in addition to being able to tolerate temperatures from -30C up to 130C. You can put it in the freezer or refrigerator and also put hot liquid in it. It is a best seller in Japan and those who have bought them here in Australia rate it highly. In 4 colours, pink, blue, orange and green and three sizes, 500ml, 510ml and 700 ml. 

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