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Colourful Stainless Steel Bowls

Andrew Hasegawa Eatoco Homeware Kitchenware

Colourful Stainless Steel Bowls

A bowl is a bowl or is it? HACHI (large) and KOHACHI (small) are colourful stainless steel bowls designed to be equally at home in the kitchen or dining room. They are made from stainless steel in Japan and designed by h-concept a well known Tokyo based design house. I've been using my bowls to prepare and serve food. The large bowls are a great way to serve a salad and the small bowls make an interesting vessel to eat fruit, yogurt or even a cold soup. In 5 colours, lime green, aqua blue, orange, black and white. There is something about products made in Japan, they feel better to touch and look even better. 

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